The Halflives online fan club is open!

We're very excited to have an official place for you guys to gather and connect with us further.
We wanted to make this experience special for you and have it centered around two major treats: access tons of member-only content, and speak with us directly, privately and regularly!

What's the Halflives fan club?

This is our most private community, the place where we share all our newest content and important news first (like music, videos, tour announcements...). It's place where you can get more connected with us and get to know each other better too.

We are very very proud of the community you guys have created for each other around our music and we love to see our fan club contribute to it. The way you guys are there for us and for one another is truly inspiring.

Why join?

1. By joining you contribute directly to help us create more music, plan new tours, make music videos and more content in general.

2. It's the place where we interact the most on the internet. We don't always have the time to interact on all socials all the time, but we DO ALWAYS make time for our fan club.

3. You get amazing perks such as private live streams, unreleased demos, merch giveaways, behind-the-scenes, new songs in advance, acoustic covers and more!

Join today and access all the currently available content immediately!

Here's a snippet of some of the moments and content from the past few months:

Can't join now? No worries, we're not going anywhere.
We'll still be interacting on our regular socials and you're welcome to join later on if you'd like to.


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